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  • The internationally-known artist Lara Fabian will make a comeback to Romania on the 20th of October, to the utter delight of her Romanian fans. The appreciated Belgian singer, who has been named “The Phenomenon” prepares at the Palace Hall a concert that will include her biggest hits as well as songs from her latest album, ‘Le secret’. Her unique voice and sheer talent have amazed audiences around the world, as she sings in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, Hebrew and Greek, making her loved all around the world. 
  • Come meet the American that puts the ‘ace’ in ‘bassist’, an artist which is a player, composer, author, producer, and recipient of five Grammy Awards and was considered a Michael Jordan of his genre, for winning all the possible awards. He is none other than Victor Lemonte Wooten, the American bass player that has taken bass playing to another level. On the 23rd of October, at the Radio Hall, the artist and his band, which includes his brother Elijah ’Regi’ Wooten, will bring a bit of American jazz magic to the capital of Romania.
  • "In the name of Unity. Under the same sky.” is the slogan of one the best known parties of Ibiza, ‘Origins’, by Luciano. For the first time outside the Amnesia Club in Ibiza, the party is ready to raise the Polivalent Hall in Bucharest on the 24th of October. One of the most appreciated DJ’s, Luciano is at his best, keeping up with the rhythm of the dance music. Joining him on stage you can find Michel Cleis, Argy, Ezikiel, Eduardo de la Calle and Julietta.
  • Maximum Rock Festival 2014 is the largest indoor festival in Romania and the must-see metal event of this autumn. Taking place on the 24th and 25th of October at the Turbohalle, the festival will reunite some of Europe’s best metal bands: Evergrey, Tristania, Threshold, Elvenking, Emergency Gate, Unleashed, Code Red, I'm The Trip and Open Mind. The headliner of this year is one of the most appreciated Swedish metal bands, Dark Tranquillity, the band who has created “the sound of the new generation” by combining the harsh sound of death metal with the sound of synthesizers. 
  • One of the super stars of the Romanian pop music, with over 30 years of musical career, a multi-talented artist that has been declared ‘The artist of the year 2014’, Loredana can rightfully be considered a Romanian Diva. On the 25th of October at the Palace Hall the singer will perform again one of her renowned shows that are always a truly wonderful experience to participate in. This time the show is called ‘Reveria’ and aims to merge the dreams and wishes of the audience with her own, because “Life is nothing more than an illusion, all that matters is this moment, that I want to share with my audience, because it will never come back” – Loredana.
  • What better way to celebrate the upcoming Halloween than together with the most popular Romanian heavy rock band, in a show called “Night of the Witches”? Cargo invites you to a show that promises to be nothing but spectacular, in which good music and special effects will greet the spirit of the Halloween. Special guests invited by the leading band will be a special surprise to the audience, contributing to the spectacular show that will take place on the 30th of October at the Roman Arenas.
  • Electric guitars, bass, keyboards and drums, plus the exuberant energy of the 5 members of the band that has created its own direction in Romanian rock music for the last 20 years – all will be reunited in the concert taking place on October 31 at the Palace Hall. The combination of musical genres such as blues, country, jazz and rock are the ingredients of the success recipe that the band Directia 5 will present in an exceptional live performance, ‘Rock'n Roll, Baby!’ a show in which the audience will be made to live at maximum intensity some of the most passionate stories written by the famous band.
  • ‘Unique’ is the best word that can describe the DreamHack Masters 2014 event that will take place at the Polivalent Hall between the 31st of October and the 2nd of November. DreamHack means gaming, high-speed Internet, electronic sports, international tours, all topped by enthusiasm, communication and digital entertainment. So whether you’re into cosplay, one-on-one matches, eSport tournaments or you’re just in for the gadgets and top IT stations, the festival is equally hypnotizing and engaging for participants and viewers alike.  

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  • When staying in Bucharest do not miss to visit the art galleries in the Old City Center
  • Taste and purchase Romanian wine from wineries in Transylvania, Moldavia and the Black Sea coast.

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