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K+K Hotel George in London Kensington

Our commitment to the Environment

K+K Hotel George has recently been audited and is awarded Silver certification with "Green Tourism in London".

K+K Hotel George is conscious that the action of each and every one of us has an impact on the environment. We believe we all must do our bit to build a sustainable future.

  • We will identify and implement eco-friendly policies.
  • We will work with our suppliers to reduce their packaging and transport to the hotel.
  • We will endeavour to buy local or ethically sourced products.
  • We will monitor utility consumption levels on a monthly basis and aim to reduce consumption at every opportunity.
  • We will endeavour to use eco-friendly chemicals throughout the hotel.
  • We will endeavour to purchase recycled goods whenever appropriate.
  • We will segregate our waste and ensure all appropriate recyclable materials are recycled.

Reduce, re-use and recycle

  • All toilets are dual flush to save water.
  • 100% of bathrooms have showers to reduce water use.
  • Installation of low energy light bulbs.
  • Separate collection of recycling dustbin by refuse contractor.
  • Donation of old or obsolete furniture and equipment to local charities.

Everyday actions

  • Bulk purchase of chemicals in concentrate form.
  • Refillable chemical containers.
  • Replace bed linen every third day unless on request.
  • Re-use towels on guest request.
  • Recycling of paper, plastics, card board, tin cans, glass bottles, toner cartridges, batteries, fluorescent tubes and waste cooking oil.
  • Encourage cycling to work and provide secure cycle rack facilities.
  • Compacting of waste so fewer collections are required.
  • Education and training of employees to act in accordance with our environmental policy.
  • Encourage suppliers and contractors and invite guests to act in accordance with our environmental standards.

Responsible visitor charter 

At K+K Hotel George we understand that by making positive choices we can all reduce our effect on the environment. As a guest, we welcome your support in assisting K+K Hotel George and London become a more sustainable destination.

Please see below a number of tips on how you can play a big part in promoting good environmental practices:

  • Conserve Energy - reduce energy by switching off lights and closing windows if the heating or air conditioning is on. The Energy Saving Trust provides information on what you can do at home. www.est.org.uk
  • Eat Local, Buy Local and See Local - support local producers and services, experience the true flavour of what England has to offer. Additional information can be sourced from our Reception team.
  • Give Cars and Cabs a Rest - avoid cars, if only for the day. Many of London's attractions are within a short walk of the hotel. Ask our Reception for directions. www.traveline.org.uk
  • Be Water Wise - Please use water wisely. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth and adhere to towel policies or other water saving initiatives. www.waterwise.org.uk
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Assist us by avoiding over packaged goods or say no to that extra carrier bag. For more information on what is currently recycled within the Hotel please ask one of our team members. www.recyclenow.com
  • Support Green businesses - There are hundreds of businesses in London trying to reduce their carbon footprints through the Green Tourism for London Business Scheme. Businesses are awarded Bronze, Silver and Gold for their efforts to be more sustainable. www.green-tourism.com