Best Tourist Destinations Along the Danube

Danube cities

The River Danube has an important place in European history, especially for the ten countries through which it currently flows. Since mankind first tested its waters, it has been the lifeblood for trade and travel. Tourism is now an important part of the river’s existence, affording us the option to follow its current to some of the best city destinations in Europe.


The Danube begins in the state of Baden-Württemberg in southwest Germany before connecting through Bavaria. It does not run past Munich, but it is possible to travel from a smaller city such as Donauwörth if you want to visit.

However, the first major city we come to is Vienna. Austria’s capital and the most populous city on the Danube, the city straddles both banks and provides some of the classiest distractions in Europe. Thanks to intensive rebuilding after WWII, many of its most notable buildings have had their former glory restored, something in which the Viennese take great pride.

But Vienna isn’t all style and no substance, otherwise it wouldn’t be one of the best cities on the Danube. You can survey its views from the Wiener Riesenrad, a giant Victorian ferris wheel which was featured prominently in the Film Noir classic The Third Man. You can choose from the many local wares in the Naschmarkt, get analytical at the Sigmund Freud Museum or experience some of the many analog wonders at our personal favorite spot, the Supersense.

Since you are traveling enough, you will want to stay in the center. The K+K Hotel Marie Theresia is in Spittleberg, very central and ideal for those who want to be in the heart of the old town. Among the best Vienna hotels for modernized style is the K+K Hotel Palais Hotel, ideal for business travelers in particular.



Hotels in Budapest


Following the river past Slovakia and into Hungary, you can find yourself at our next favorite city on the Danube: Budapest. The K+K Hotel Opera is on a quiet street in one of the city’s most exclusive districts, but it is the epicenter for everything you can want to see in the Hungarian capital.

You can visit some of the famous landmarks such as Heroes’ Square or the Parliament Building. But once you investigate further, you’ll find the city has many hidden treasures. If you are missing the water already, you can visit the beautiful Szechenyi Spa Baths, beautiful outdoor thermal baths which can’t be missed. You can eat some delicious traditional dishes at the Great Market Hall or have some fun at the Flippermúzeum, Europe’s largest ongoing interactive pinball exhibition.


If you want to follow the Danube, you can visit some smaller cities in Croatia and Bulgaria or take a visit the Serbian capital Belgrade. However, the next best city is a little trip away from the river itself in Romania, but there are many easy connections to Bucharest.

Here you can visit the beautiful lawns, fountains and even beer halls of the King Michael I Park, enjoy eating and drinking your way through the many wonderful spots in the Centru Vechi (old town) or take one of the many free-walking tours to discover the city.

Once you have finished your trip down the Danube, you will want to rest. The K+K Hotel Elisabeta is one of the finest hotels in Bucharest and a place of true rest and relaxation despite being in the heart of the Romanian capital.