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Barcelona impressions

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6 Romantic Holiday Destinations Across Europe This Spring

One of the joys of a holiday is the opportunity to step out of the rat race, even if for the briefest of visits. While you will want to make the most of what little time you have, venturing too far out of the city can be counter productive to your relaxation needs. If staying at the K+K Hotel Opera, you will find yourself in the beautiful center of Budapest. So you don’t have to stray too far, discover Budapest center on your next trip with our guide on the best things to do.

A happy couple taking a selfie in front of the famous liberty bridge during summer in Budapest in Hungary
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The Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona | K+K Hotels

The recent trend to call every small-portioned dish ‘tapas’ may give traditionalists grist for the grievance mill, but there is a reason this type of dining is so popular. It allows groups large or small to try many different delicacies at once. But a good Barcelona tapas bar isn’t all about the food and our guide to the best in the city shows you why.

Tapas Menu - Barcelona
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The Best Nightclubs in Barcelona | K+K Hotels

Especially during the summer, a club might not be your first idea of a fun night out in Barcelona. There are many open air events, world renowned festivals and opportunities to stay cool elsewhere. However, this often leads to clubs upping their game, especially when bringing a wide variety of electronic music to the city.

Night Club in Barcelona
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The Best Walking Art Tour in Barcelona

Barcelona has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to visual art. The city has been home to some of the greatest artists of the past, fosters current talent and will certainly be home to the artistic voices of the future. To catch just a glimpse of what has been achieved so far, come with us on a walking art tour of Barcelona.

Barcelona City View
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Free Experiences to Enjoy Barcelona on a Budget

It's impossible to go anywhere and not spend some money. Travel, accommodation and eating will take up a large part of your savings for any trip. If you fear even the basics are putting quite a large dint in your balance, then fret not. Our guide to free experiences in Barcelona will help you to ensure investing your time will pay off dividends.

Beach and sea - Barcelona

The Best Football Cities Across Europe

For many, football in Europe is a way of life. It is played in mega-stadiums in capital cities by the sport's best athletes and it is played on dirt tracks in tiny villages by its biggest fans. While the spirit of football has permeated the entire continent, there are some places considered to be sanctified ground for football fans. Here are the best football cities in Europe if you want to consider your own pilgrimage.

Soccer Arena
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The Best Religious Buildings to Visit in Barcelona

Barcelona's rich cultural history covers a lot of ground, but it can be easy to forget that much of its art, architecture, and general sensibility is founded on the piety and religious passion of its progenitors. Whether you are on your own spiritual journey or simply want to see some beautiful architecture, here are the best religious buildings to visit when in Barcelona.

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How to Make the Most of Work Travel

Let’s face it, traveling for work usually sounds a lot more glamorous in our heads than it actually is. Most people imagine flying first class on a trip to Paris and being greeted with croissants and sparkling rosé. However, between the red-eye flights, seven-hour conferences and fighting over armrests with your neighbor, you probably would have preferred to stay at home. However, just remind yourself that traveling for work is actually excellent experience and opens you up to new people and opportunities while working abroad. We’ve got some travel tips for business trips to make the most of your time no matter where you’re headed.

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Best Countries to Visit in 2019

Crisp air, cozy clothes, cobbled streets and freshly baked goods, Europe knows how to winter. At the K+K Hotels, we’ve created a list of the best winter destinations for your 2019 getaway with you in mind. The holidays may be over, but in Europe the season is just getting started. Our handpicked list includes some of the usual suspects as well as a few up-and-coming cities guaranteed to help you beat the January blues!

Barcelona City View