The Best Scenic River Cruises in Europe

Rivers have been the lifeblood of major cities in Europe since their inception. What was once a necessity for industry, drinking water or simply a place for residents to wash their undergarments, has now adapted along with the city it serves. As they cut through the main thoroughfares of these cities, one adaptation is the scenic river cruise. Here are some of the best.

River Cruise - little Venice


London Eye River Cruise

From Guy Fawkes failed plot in the nearby Houses of Parliament to Daniel Craig’s high octane boat chase in Spectre, the river Thames in London has been witness to some of the most important scenes in European history. You can relive some of these iconic moments by taking a boat tour along some of the most famous spots in the capital.

From the many options available, you might want to choose something which allows you to see other parts of the city. The London Eye Cruise takes you along some of the most important sights on the water, but also lets you take to the sky with a combined London Eye pass.


See the Devil’s Channel in Prague

There is almost too much to see from the river Vltava in Prague, so you’re going to have to make an executive decision if you are only there for a day trip. While many will take you past some of the most beautiful medieval architecture in Europe, we recommend taking the Devil’s Channel river cruise.

This cruise takes you out of the main bustle of the city to the quiet waterways and medieval houses which are now a part of the ecosystem. As an ecological boat tour, you won’t be taking anything more than memories, but with views of the Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge and much more, they will be unforgettable.


London Eye - River Cruise

Dine on the Water

Paris is known for many things, but sight-seeing and food are at the top of the list. Combining these two experiences in a dinner on the Seine cruise can provide a dining experience like no other.

There are many options to choose from, varying in both quality and length. We suggest spending a little bit more so you can know your meal is gimmick-free. The Dinner Cruise Eiffel takes you on a complete 2-hour circuit round Paris on the Seine. During this time, you will be guaranteed a window seat where you can enjoy a classic gourmet French meal with either wine or Champagne, or choose the seafood platter to enjoy les fruits de mer on the water.


Leave the City

The Wachau Valley tour is an incredible day trip out of the city of Vienna which, during the summer season, includes a scenic river tour along the Melk river. A leisurely lunch at a famous wine tavern, visits to UNESCO world heritage sites and a stop off at the Melk Abbey’s famous Benedictine monastery make it worth the travel time.


Explore Europe

If you want a river cruise with lots of variety, you cannot do much better than the Danube TUI River Cruises. Take a look at the Danube River on a map and you will see it slices through the very heart of Europe, flowing from the Black Forest in the west to the Black Sea in the east. Along its banks, you will see some of the grand dames of European architecture – from the neo-Gothic spires of the Hungarian Parliament Building, to the soaring towers of Regensburg Cathedral.

On a week-long Danube River cruise, you can go from Budapest’s baths to Bratislava’s bars. And follow in the musical footsteps of Mozart in Vienna’s coffee and opera houses. Plus, there’s the chance to visit age-old wine towns in Austria’s Wachau Valley, like Durnstein and Melk. Or you can venture even further east, with a cruise past Serbia’s Iron Gates – a gorge packed with jaw-dropping sights.


Combine Your Fun

With K+K Hotels, we can offer you a complete hotel offer which allows for a river cruise experience combined in your total spending. For a 3 day trip where you can enjoy many treats in the ‘pearl of the Danube’, our Budapest river cruise will be a highlight of your trip. See some of the most beautiful historical sights with a glass of bubbly and a leisurely state of mind. With the offer, you get our glorious accommodation, incredible buffet breakfasts and free admission to our wellness center. Book today so you don’t miss out.